• Electives offered at Phoenix Digital Academy

    Current Offerings

    Art History 1-2 (CTE/Fine Arts/Visual Arts)

    Career Exploration 1-2

    Explorations in Art 1-2 (CTE/Fine Arts/Visual Arts) Art supplies and kit required

    Introduction to Health Sciences 1-2

    Introduction to Information Technology 1-2

    Online Learning & Digital Citizenship

    Personal Finance

    Professional Internship (seniors only)

    Spanish 1-4 (H)

    Spanish 5-6 Honors/Dual Enrollment

    AP Spanish Language

    Strategies for Academic Success

    Music Theory 1-2 (CTE/Fine Arts/Visual Arts) (second semester only)

    French 1-4


    New for the 2024-2025 School Year!

    African American History - VL

    Character & Leadership Development - VL

    Climate and Culture Transformation - VL

    College and Career Readiness - VL

    Computer Applications - Office 365 VL 1-2

    Journalism 1a: Introduction - VL

    Journalism 1b: Investigating the Truth - VL

    Mental Health and Wellness - VL

    Music Appreciation: The Enjoyment of Listening - VL

    Mythology and Folklore: Legendary Tales - VL

    Personal Development - VL

    Real World Parenting - VL

    Restorative Practices and Principles - VL

    Social and Emotional Success - VL

    Social Media: Our Connected World - VL

    Trauma Informed Living - VL

    Unlock your Purpose - VL

    World Religions: Exploring Diversity - VL