What is the Civic Exam?

    The Civics Exam is a state-mandated test required by law with the passage of American Civics Act by the Arizona State Legislator in January of 2015.  In order to graduate from high school or obtain a high school equivalency diploma, a student must correctly answer at least sixty of the one hundred questions listed on a test that is identical to the civics portion of the naturalization text used by the United States citizenship and immigration services. *Please note beginning with the Class of 2025 a student must correctly answer at least seventy of the one hundred questions in order to meet the graduate requirement.*

    Who has to take the Civics Exam?

    All students are required to take the Civics Exam as a requirement of graduation.

    How will Phoenix Union School Administer the Exam?

    Phoenix Union is committed to ensuring all students will successfully complete the Civics graduation requirement. Students will be provided with multiple opportunities to take the exam as well as targeted instruction, support and intervention. Any students enrolled in US/AZ History (or equivalent) will take the exam during the fall semester. For those students that do not achieve a passing grade of 60 or above (score of 70 if Class of 2025 or after) support, interventions and retake opportunities will take place throughout the school year. 

    Where will the Results be Documented?

    Students will receive a pass/fail determination on their transcript and this will serve as the official documentation of the graduation requirement.


    Please click on any of the following links to help you study and prepare for the CIVICS exam.  

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