• Phoenix Educator Preparatory (PEP) is an innovative and interactive lab-school environment where students jump-start their futures by choosing their own pathways of study these areas: Elementary Teaching, High School Teaching, Counseling, Social Work, or Educational Psychology. PEP deepens the connection between students’ personal passions and service to their communities. No matter which learning pathway a student might choose to pledge at the end of their freshman year, PEP graduates will be the highly-trained and next-level teachers, leaders, and caregivers of tomorrow – in our school systems and/or in fields like community service, healthcare, law, politics, etc.


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    PEP's Design:

    • Designed as an early-college, early-service high school in which students may earn up to an Associate's degree through local higher education partnerships to jump-start their futures.
    • In a collaborative environment, students will blend academic and social and emotional learning, and will have access to college tutors and community mentors from students’ chosen pathways. Students will also start earning industry experience via observations, job-shadowing, and internships – while in high school!
    • After graduating from Phoenix Educator Preparatory, students will enroll in a college/university of their choice and continue earning college credit in their selected education pathway to earn a Bachelor's degree. 
    • While in college, our goal is to create ways for students to earn a second Bachelor's degree in a different area of their choosing in 3 years or less to expand options for their futures.
    • During and after college, students gain early and priority employment opportunities within PXU by staying connected to our campus and residency program supports (tuition assistance, financial/living supports, etc.).

    Ready to go places and do things that matter? Apply today. Enrollment applications for the 2024-2025 school years are available on our website. 


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