• Bioscience High School Senior Internship Program and College Readiness

    Bioscience High School provides a full-year internship opportunity for our seniors.  Seniors are able to begin each day after lunch, whether working in-person or virtually.  Students work with top notch organizations, from university research labs to health care clinics to non-profit civil rights organizations.

  • School of Choice

    Bioscience High School provides students with a unique learning experience. Located in the heart of downtown Phoenix, BHS is a Title 1 school, serving primarily high acheiving students from low income families. Our students are intelligent, gifted, creative thinkers, problem solvers, compassionate citizens and leaders. And they are driven by their passion to make change in their communities. Bioscience students have won many awards, prestigious scholarships and are accepted to top college programs across the country.

    Our interns make valuable contributions to their intern organizations, while learning valuable skills which help prepare them for futures as leaders and problem solvers.

  • College Admittance:

    Our graduating seniors have been admitted to an impressive list of colleges and universities.

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  • Student Scholars:

    Bioscience students have been awarded a number of prestigious scholarships.

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