• Physical well-being includes traditional lifestyle risk factors such as physical activity, smoking or tobacco use, alcohol use, sleep, diet, immunization and screenings.
    Preventative care is one of the most important ways to improve your health. Disease, injury and premature death can often be avoided by participating in preventive screenings, immunization clinics and education sessions. 

    PXU will offer the following preventive care screenings:

    • Immunization clinics
    • Biometrics health screenings
    • Health risk assessment
    • Mobile on-site mammography
    • Prostate on-site project

    United4Health will offer wellness classes and wellness challenges to help you be your best self. Classes are free and will be offered via Microsoft Teams or in-person. Topics may include:

    • Heart health
    • Physical activity
    • Sleep
    • Goal setting
    • And more!