• Student Attendance

    To report an absence for a student, the parent or guardian must call: 602-764-6595 (leave a message) or 602-764-6501 (speak to our staff)

    The registration office is open Monday to Friday, 7 a.m. to 4 p.m.

    When reporting an absence, please have your student's full name, the date of the absence, and the reason for the absence. Helpful, but not required, have your student's ID number available.  Absences should be reported before the absence or on the day of absence, but you have 10 days to excuse the absence.

    Attending school regularly helps your student feel better about school --  themselves, their friends, and school teachers and staff -- and achieve academically. Help your student build good attendance habits of going to school on time, every day is an important skill that will help them succeed in college and work.  Research shows that good school attendance is a better predictor of graduation rates than many test scores. Missing even 2 days a month (about 10%), during a school year, can negatively affect a student's academic achievement.

    For administrative reasons, our District will classify absences as EXC for excused, BRO for extra-curricular events, ABS for unexcused, OFC for office meetinor several other codes used for internal information, such as NUR for nurses or OFC for office meeting. Regardless of the reason for the absence, your student was missing classroom instruction and these should be monitored. 

    When your student is absent, they are responsible for the missing work upon returning to school. The process of submitting missing work is described in the teacher's Plan for Success. Communicating with the teacher is vital to ensure your student's learning.

    As the parent or guardian, talk to your student about the importance of creating good attendance habits; make regular attendance a priority.  Help your student create and maintain daily routines including getting a good night sleep. You can monitor your student's attendance with ParentVue or ask your student to show the absence report on their StudentVue. If there is an error, contact the teacher for that class period. More information about attendance can be found in the  Handbook for Students and Families (also available in Spanish).

    In the event of illness, family emergency, or in observation of a religious holiday, students should stay home. As a guide, we suggest the following for each semester (not the entire year): 

    How many absences can I have