• Paco OlivarriaPaco Olivarria 

    Franklin Police and Fire High School

    (She/He/They pronouns)

    Paco Olivarria, a senior at Franklin Police and Fire High School, spent the early years of her life in Nogales, Sonora in Mexico. She moved around frequently due to various personal and family issues, and rarely spent long periods of time in one place or at one school until arriving to Franklin. Paco was originally supposed to attend Central High School, but one of her friends told her about Franklin and she became interested in attending Franklin. 

    Paco has enjoyed attending Franklin, noting that the teachers have made it a great experience and have been supportive. She also loves the sense of community that Franklin has. During their time at Franklin, Paco has been involved in mountain biking club, hiking club, and a consistent member of Student Government. Paco selected the firefighting pathway at Franklin for a number of reasons. He recalls a time when his cousin had a medical incident and firefighters arrived on the scene to aid his cousin. Paco remembers watching the firemen help his cousin and the moment when his cousin regained consciousness. She felt inspired and that it was something that she could do as a career for herself.

    After graduation, Paco will be going to Advanced Individual Training (AIT) in Missouri for 9 weeks for the Army National Guard, and has a job lined up in wildland firefighting when they return to Arizona. She plans to be a part of the Army National Guard and the wildland firefighting job simultaneously. In his free time, Paco likes to hang out with friends and work out. She is currently doing physical training with one of her friends who will also be working in wildland firefighting. As a piece of inspiration for anyone who resonates, Paco says, "Be patient. Have a set goal, and go day by day. See what comes, and roll with that." 

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