• Justin FierroJustin Fierro

    Phoenix Coding Academy

    Justin Fierro, a senior at Phoenix Coding Academy, has spent his entire life in Phoenix so far. He began his education at a private school called 91st Psalm Christian School before coming to Phoenix Union. His first school was small in size, so he hoped to remain in a smaller environment for high school so that the transition wouldn't be as challenging. He selected Phoenix Coding Academy, and although it is one of Phoenix Union's smaller schools, there was still a period of adjustment for Justin. In his first year, he found himself trying to make new friends and getting distracted, which caused his grades to differ from his usual performance. However, once his sophomore year arrived, he worked hard and has had all A's ever since. Justin's favorite part about attending Coding is that everyone is interested in computer science, and there is a good sense of community. He has made a close group of friends and is known as a positive influence at Coding.

    Justin is a part of the ElevateEdAZ initiative (click here for more info) and has an internship at GenTech, where he teaches young children simple computer programming. He also participates in Spot127, where he has done digital media creation for the past 2 years. After graduation, Justin plans to attend ASU to major in Software Engineering and potentially minor in Graphic Design. His career goal is still up in the air due to his varied interests, but software engineering or web development are two of his possible pathways. 

    In his free time, Justin likes to play video games, hang out with his friends, and practice video editing or Photoshop. To the rest of the Class of 2022, Justin says, "Try to do what makes you satisfied and fulfilled rather than worry about success." 

    Click here to view a TikTok featuring Justin.