• Melody ValleMelody Valle Garcia

    Maryvale High School

    Melody Valle Garcia is a senior at Maryvale High School who lives in a very full household with 14 people. At home, she lives with her parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, and younger cousins. Melody's family lives in a multigenerational home due to immigration, with her father being from El Salvador and her mother being from Mexico. She additionally has 2 older siblings who attended Maryvale, and part of the reason why she chose to attend Maryvale was to feel closer to her older siblings. 

    During her time at Maryvale, Melody has enjoyed the diversity of the school and the large number of programs and extracurriculars that are offered. She participated in Dance Company all 4 years of school, founded a Women's Empowerment Club, was a part of Student Government, and Senior Club. After graduation, Melody plans to apply to Universities that are outside of the country, hoping to study abroad. She has been working on getting her GPA up in order to be accepted into schools outside of the United States. Her plan is to study medicine and her career goal is to become a Pediatrician. She chose this career path because she loves kids and has become used to having them around due to having children ranging in age from 1 to 7 at her house. She notes that it is important to support kids because they are our future. 

    In her free time, Melody likes to write short stories, paint, and sew. To the rest of the Class of 2022, Melody says, "Stay focused and dedicated. We will make it." 

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