• Serenity McGrewSerenity McGrew


    Serenity McGrew, a senior at Desiderata, got herself back on track to receive her high school diploma after a turbulent early life. She has lived all over the Phoenix Metropolitan area and attended many different schools over the years. She went through a phase of getting into trouble on the streets and feels that she was in survival mode, doing what she had to do at the time to survive. She recalls losing people close to her and having to let go of troublesome bonds with individuals in her life that were not on the path to a sustainable future. She took the time to assess her life and decided that the best thing for her was to go back to school and get her diploma. She is happy to have had a normal high school experience during her time at Desiderata. 

    Serenity's favorite thing about attending Desiderata is that she can participate in music and loves that they have given her the space to play music and express herself. She plays guitar and has taught other students at Desiderata who wanted to learn how to play. After graduation, Serenity plans to apply to Arizona State University to study Music Theory. Her career goal is to teach Music Theory to college students. Overall, she would like to make a good life for herself and is proud to be back on track.

    In her free time, Serenity enjoys all things related to the arts. She plays music, writes comics, paints, and also has plans to film a movie based on a poem that she wrote. To the rest of the Class of 2022, Serenity says, "The best way to give back to all the strangers who have helped you out in life is to do what you want to do."