• Mariam AbakarMariam Abakar

    Carl Hayden Community High School

    Mariam Abakar, a senior at Carl Hayden Community High School, is originally from Central Africa, spending her early childhood in the country of Chad. Mariam immigrated to America in 2011 and had to adjust to life in a new country, including learning English. When she first came to America, she played soccer as her primary sport. However, once she got to 5th grade, the kids at the apartment complex she lived at would play basketball outside and they taught her how to play basketball. She fell in love with the sport and switched from soccer to basketball that year. The kids that she played basketball with were also a part of her journey to learn English, and she recalls them being supportive of her and very helpful despite the language barrier. 

    Before coming to Carl Hayden, Mariam was a student in the Isaac Elementary School District and felt that she was able to pick up English quickly during her time there. As a student at Carl Hayden, she has enjoyed her time in general and believes that her experience has been great overall. She really likes her coaches and teachers and has found a second family in the Women's basketball team. Her high school journey has been enriched through her bonds with the team. After she graduates, she plans to attend Phoenix College with the basketball scholarship that she received. She will be playing basketball and studying Health Sciences. Her career goal is to play basketball professionally, but if that is not possible, she wants to become a nurse.

    In her free time, Mariam enjoys hanging out with friends, watching movies, looking at videos on YouTube, and practicing basketball. To the rest of the Class of 2022, Mariam says, "Keep pushing. Don't stop no matter what. It gets hard sometimes, but keep your head up and keep going." 

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