• Jesus MorenoJesus Moreno

    Wilson College Prep

    Jesus Moreno, a senior at Wilson College Prep, has spent his life living an 8-minute walk away from Wilson. For elementary and middle school, he was a student in the Wilson Elementary School District, and once he advanced to high school, he began attending Wilson College Prep. Jesus feels that Wilson College Prep is a school unlike any other school because of how close his school community is with one another. He likes that his teachers are approachable and form genuine connections with all of the students. His time at Wilson, along with learning the academic curriculum, has also been filled with life lessons that he has learned from his teachers. 

    Although Jesus had the opportunity to grow up near Wilson for his entire life so far, the rest of his immediate family immigrated to Arizona before he was born. His mother is from a Pueblito (small town) in Guerrero, Mexico called Ahuacaticlan, and his father and older brothers are from Acapulco. After high school, Jesus plans to join the Marine Reserves so that he can help his mother and potentially his older brothers receive their citizenship papers. He also plans to attend Arizona State University to study Mechanical Engineering. His hope is to have a job related to Mechanical Engineering while in the Marine Reserves and to simultaneously attend ASU for it. 

    In his free time, Jesus enjoys working out, drawing, and listening to music. To the rest of the Class of 2022, Jesus says, "Life is hard, but it's those that persevere that come out on top." 

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