• Erubiel OrtizErubiel Ortiz

    Alhambra High School

    Erubiel Ortiz is a senior at Alhambra High School and has been playing baseball with the same group of students since he was around 6 years old. The boys he plays with on the Alhambra Baseball Team are like family to him, and he feels that this is part of the reason why they perform well. The Alhambra Baseball team made it to the State Championships last year and they are currently 2nd in the state. Erubiel hopes to win this year's State Championships for his final year of high school baseball. 

    On campus, Erubiel also works hard academically and is known to be a positive individual who is a good influence on others. His baseball coach, Victor Contreras, describes Erubiel as a leader of the team inside and out and notes that he keeps a positive attitude even when things aren't going right. After graduating from Alhambra, Erubiel plans to attend Glendale Community College to study business and play baseball. He received a baseball scholarship to assist him with paying for his tuition. Long-term, Erubiel would like to play baseball professionally, but if that is not a possibility, he wants to have a career in sports business to remain in close proximity to athletics. 

    If he is not working on schoolwork or playing baseball, Erubiel likes to play video games, work out, spend time with family and friends, and play on the Alhambra golf team. As Erubiel ends his high school journey, he has a message for incoming high school students, saying, "Start off on a good note. If you fall behind, it's hard to come back, so start off strong." 

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