• Bailey TullerBailey Tuller

    Maryvale Gifted and Talented Academy

    Bailey Tuller, a senior at the Maryvale Gifted and Talented Academy micro-school at Maryvale High School, grew up in Phoenix and came to Maryvale from the Cartwright Elementary School District. She has loved being a part of Gifted and Talented Academy because of the like-minded individuals in the program. Growing up, she has not always felt a sense of belonging, but being in a school that is full of students like her has been motivating her. Bailey expresses that knowledge is power, and she feels that everyone should love school. She is grateful to have shared her high school experience with students who do. 

    During her time at Maryvale, Bailey participated in Drama Club, Cheer, Softball, and Dance. She has a particular affinity for dance, and it is the only extracurricular that she participated in for the entirety of her high school journey. After she graduates, Bailey will be attending GCU on a full-ride scholarship to study Law and potentially add a minor in Dance. Being a first-generation college student, she is especially proud of her accomplishment. She plans to get a Juris Doctorate after her undergraduate career, with her career goal being to have her own law firm and dance studio. 

    In her free time, Bailey enjoys painting, playing instruments, and anything related to the arts and music. To her fellow members of the Class of 2022, Bailey says, "When you fall, get back up. If you have a goal, you have to work for it and get there. Keep a positive mindset and make it happen."

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