• Kathy DoKathy Do

    Advanced Readiness at Chavez High (ARCH)

    Kathy Do, Senior in the ARCH micro-school at Cesar Chavez High School, has been challenged by ARCH in a productive way. As she transitioned into high school, she was not sure of what it would be like or how challenging it would be. Many students in ARCH participate in Academic Decathalon, and she found it to be humbling due to the difficulty she had early on with it. However, as she kept moving forward and working hard, she was able to improve and feel accomplished. Kathy feels that the teachers at ARCH make the experience positive and that they open up a lot of opportunities for students to grow. One such example is that ARCH gave her the opportunity to meet with college representatives from across the world to understand what makes their schools appealing. 

    Being a part of the Cesar Chavez community overall has helped Kathy to embrace her cultural identity. She feels that the diversity of the school aided her in feeling comfortable with being who she is and accepting her culture. Kathy is Vietnamese, with both of her parents being from Vietnam. After high school, Kathy plans to attend a university and study business or economics. Her career goal is to do business consulting between the United States and Vietnam, helping businesses from the two countries connect and working as a bridge between them.  

    In her free time, Kathy likes to watch Netflix, especially K-Dramas, listen to Pop and K-Pop music, and play basketball. To other students, Kathy says, "If you have a mindset that you are willing to overcome anything, you will be fine." 

    Here is a video featuring Kathy:

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