• Donyea Kosh and his momDonyea' Kosh

    Betty Fairfax High School

    Donyea' Kosh is a Senior at Betty Fairfax High School who is known for his positivity and motivation towards his goals. As a student with ADHD, he does not let it stop him from working hard to achieve his goals. Through support from his teachers, ESS, his friends, and his family, he has built an incredible support system. Not only is Donyea' going to college; he has a full-ride scholarship to Tennessee State University. 

    Donyea' was born in Baltimore, MD, and moved to Arizona at a young age, growing up in Laveen. He has enjoyed his time at Betty Fairfax High School because there are a lot of people who motivate him and cheer him on, including his mother who works at Betty Fairfax. His goal in life is to motivate others and help them when they are in need. With his scholarship to Tennessee State University, he is aiming to study in a major that will help him succeed in his goal, such as Social Work. 

    In his free time, Donyea' likes to talk to his friends, play video games, and read the bible. He is proudly graduating with the Class of 2022, and to his peers, he says, "You can do anything you want if you have faith in it." 

    See below for a video that features Donyea' speaking about his journey.