• Dual Enrollment Teacher Information and Resources

    Dual enrollment is an opportunity for students to get early college credits while they are still in high school.  Studies show that high school students who earn college credits:

    • Are significantly more likely to graduate from high school.
    • Are significantly more likely to enroll in college.
    • Are significantly more likely to earn a college degree.
    • Are significantly more likely to graduate from college sooner.
    • Are significantly more likely to accrue less educational debt.
    • have increased high school success.
  • Requirements to Become a Dual Enrollment Teacher

Steps to Becoming a Dual Enrollment Instructor

  • Dual Enrollment Checklist

  • Steps

Process for Approval

  • 1) APR Approval

  • 2) Content Specialist Approval

  • 3) PXU Curriculum Director Approval

  • 4) College Dual Enrollment Office

  • Dual Enrollment Requirements & Responsibilities

    In addition to submitting the required paperwork and completing EDU250, dual-enrollment instructors are also expected to:

    • Assist in the promotion, enrollment, and registration of students into dual enrollment classes.
    • Submit dual enrollment course rosters to APR in a timely manner.
    • Adhere to all the instructor expectations as outlined in the Dual Enrollment Instructor’s packet and PXU's Marks and Grading Manual.

    Opportunities for teachers who would like to qualify to teach Dual Enrollment Classes

    Arizona Teachers Academy

    The Arizona Teachers Academy (ATA) is a program to help pay for tuition and fees for those students in a state university or community college Educator Preparation Program (EPP). The scholarship covers tuition and mandatory fees after a student has accepted all other non-loan aid.  This includes current teachers who would like to become certified to teach dual enrollment.

    NAU  and ASU recently developed their websites and launched programs that allow high school teachers access to the Arizona Teachers Academy scholarships to become (or maintain) dual enrollment credentialed.

    NAU Pathway to DE


Important Documents

Sample Syllabi

Course Equivalents

  • English

  • Math

  • Science