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    Phoenix Union High School District is proud to announce the opening of PXU City in the 2022-2023 school year. PXU City offers a new design of the high school experience where The City is Your Classroom. A student enrolled at PXU City will earn high school credits in-person and online from any PXU campus. Untethered by an individual campus or schedule, students will work with the PXU City counselor to develop a program of study geared towards their interests, needs, and strengths.

    A PXU City student will design a schedule that works best for them. Perhaps a student knows the field they want to study post-high school and is interested in taking classes specific to this career pathway. They may enjoy the flexibility of attending multiple schools in PXU to help meet this goal. Alternatively, a student may need to help take care of a younger sibling in the morning or has a job in the afternoon. At PXU City they can either begin school later in the day or end the day early and we can accommodate their needs by then taking any remaining classes online. With PXU City, students can work on a course at their convenience during the day, in the evenings, and even have weekend options with their online courses.

    The goal is to develop students who are ready to succeed in today’s world. Students will have the opportunity to participate in clubs, activities, and athletics across the District. All students will have access to school resources, including a laptop computer, the library, breakfast and lunch, social and emotional supports, light rail passes, and so much more.

    Make the city your classroom with PXU City!



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