• News about our Academy Students

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    The class of 2022 was awarded $4.9 million in scholarships!


    Scholarship Awarded

    Frank Martinez 

    Frank Martinez, a Maryvale Gifted &Talented Academy senior was selected as a Posse Foundation Scholarship recipient. This prestigious program consists of an intensive 3-stage interview process conducted by five highly selective universities.  Frank Martinez ranked Case Western as his #1 school choice and Case Western chose him.

    Case Western Reserve University is a private, highly selective (27%-29% acceptance rate) research university with a price tag of >$74,000/year.  Frank will receive a full-ride scholarship, eight months of pre-Collegiate training and mentoring throughout his college years at Case Western.

    • Frank is a talented musician and Mariachi section leader.
    • He is a member of STEP (Student Expedition Program)- a competitive college access program.
    • In his free time he reads all about space, researching scientific theories related to the future of our world and the universe as a whole.
    • He will be pursuing a degree in Aerospace Engineering.
    • He is a team player, comfortable communicating with all stakeholders and a hard-working compassionate leader.  


    Lizbeth Ramirez Rizo

    Lizbeth Ramirez 

    Lizbeth Ramirez Rizo will be attending Arizona State University at its Tempe campus as an Obama Scholar and a recipient of the President’s Award. She was also accepted into Barrett, The Honors College, a selective, residential college within Arizona State University that offers unique undergraduate research, internship opportunities, and other valuable resources. 

    • Lizbeth is a violinist and is president of Mariachi.
    • She is involved with the Be a Leader Club as a marketing officer.
    • She is in the Hispanic Mother-Daughter Program (HMDP) - a program designed to increase the number of first-generation Arizona students who are qualified to enroll at ASU.
    • Her hobbies include reading, listening to music, and engaging in various arts and crafts.
    • She will be pursuing a degree in Biomedical Engineering in hopes of obtaining a career in which she will dedicate herself to helping others.


    Samantha Arguello

    Samantha Arguello

    Samantha Arguello is a Gifted and Talented Academy senior at Maryvale Highschool, who was accepted into Barrett, The Honors College at Arizona State University. She was a recipient of the Provost’s Award and will be attending the Downtown campus. Barrett is currently named “The Best Honors College” in the nation and has many recourses to guide students to their careers.  

    • Samantha is a cellist and is president of the Maryvale Orchestra
    • She is a vihuela player and vice president of Maryvale's mariachi
    • Sam is a marketing officer for the Be a Leader Club
    • She will be pursuing her BSN to become a nurse
    • Samantha currently works as a respite provider, and takes care of children with learning disabilities
    • Her other job is a records clerk at a downtown office close to ASU


    Celeste Lamadrid


     Celeste Lamadrid, a Maryvale Gifted & Talented Academy senior will be attending Columbia University in The Fu Foundation School of Engineering and Applied Science this fall, a highly selective Ivy League school with an admission rate of 3.73% for the class of 2026. Celeste will be attending Columbia Tuition-free having received a scholarship of $66,688 a year. While Columbia has been Celeste’s #1 choice, she was also accepted to Princeton, Brown, Northwestern, Georgia Tech, Seattle U, and ASU Barrett.


    Celeste has been involved in Student Government with roles such as Freshman Class President, Sustainability Officer for 3 years and Senior Class Vice President
    She led the school to 3rd place in a District Sustainability competition on fast fashion this year and her old school to 1st place in the competition her Sophomore year.
    Celeste played 2 lead roles, Ataxia and Savannah, in school plays this year and was recently inducted into the Thespian Society
    She is an avid volunteer with food banks and community events, especially with Peoria Firefighter Charities
    Her hobbies include watching youtube and anime, reading, art, shopping, and video games (especially minecraft)
    She will be studying Mechanical Engineering with a focus on its application to sustainability.



    Noemi Rodriguez


    Noemi Rodriguez is a student at the Maryvale Gifted and Talented Academy. She was selected as a Student Inspire Student (SIS) scholarship recipient for Grand Canyon University. Every year, this private, Christian university awards a certain number of students a full ride scholarship that covers tuition for the next four years. Noemi, who has also been accepted into the Honors program at GCU, is now part of those group of students and will be entering university debt free.

    · Noemi is a talented writer and poet and has participated in a few writing competitions in the past.

    · She enjoys reading, painting, and baking.

    · Noemi actively serves in her church community.

    · She enjoys spending time with her dog and learns of ways in which she can help the animal community around her.

    · Noemi will be majoring in psychology, in hopes of pursuing a career in counseling.