• Each year the Phoenix Union Foundation for Education (PUFE) hosts an artwork competition for our students.  The winning pieces are given away as awards at an annual event put on by PUFE. This year, the art competition will be virtual again.  ANY PXU student is eligible to participate (this means current students, former students, art club students, etc.).



    • There will be 3 winners total, and each winner will be awarded $100 for each piece.
    • The 3 winning artworks will be presented as PUFE awards to the PXU Counselor of the Year, Friend of PXU, and Alumni Award.  Any artwork submitted for this competition has the potential of NOT BEING RETURNED if it is selected as one of the three winners.  
    • Students may submit more than one piece, and could win multiple prizes.
    • Artwork can be 2D or 3D, any medium.
    • Artwork does not need to be framed or matted – this will be done by PUFE if the piece wins.
    • Teachers should take one high-quality photo of the student's original artwork and upload it to the Forms Survey provided by the Arts Content Specialist (file size limit = 100 MB).
      • Please reiterate the importance of "ORIGINAL" as being their own original idea/creation.  Even if they're collaging other images to create their own artistic interpretation, they're still using another artist's idea as a starting point for their artwork.  If you're not sure if it's original, ask them where their inspiration came from, to describe their process, etc.  
    • Any artwork with inappropriate themes or images will be removed from the competition.  Please encourage students to focus on positive themes.
    • All Artwork is due by 12/08/23 (Friday) at 11:59pm, and entries can be viewed here.
      • Only PXU Teachers may upload the image for the students to serve as a check for copyright, appropriateness, etc. 
      • Entries submitted by students WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED.
    • Voting will open on Monday 12/11/23 here. PXU staff will vote, and will simply select “which pieces they like the best.”
      • Student/School names will not be visible.
    • Voting will close on Tuesday 12/12/23, winners will be announced after Tuesday 12/13 here, and the Arts Content Specialist will work with the students/teachers to collect the artwork from them.



    2023 PUFE Art Competition Winners


    1st Place (88 votes / 449) - Entry 085, Maria Perez,

    Trevor Browne HS, Ms. Laurel Hendrixson, Drawing

    1st place

    Maria Perez 2


    2nd Place (84 votes / 449) - Entry 059, Ann Lisonbee,

    Betty Fairfax HS, Mr. Jeffrey Kunes, Digital Art

    2nd place

    Ann Lisonbee


    3rd Place (54 votes / 449) - Entry 153, Dulce Barrera,

    Trevor Browne HS, Ms. Laurel Hendrixson, Mixed Media

    3rd place

    Dulce Barrera


    Honorable Mention - 4th Place (42 votes / 449) - Entry 009, Brian Montes Ruelas,

    Maryvale HS, Ms. Megan Vanbuskirk, Painting

    4th place

    Brian Montes Ruelas


    Honorable Mention - 5th Place (36 / 449 votes) - Entry 002, Monique Davis,

    Camelback HS, Ms. Erin Succar, Drawing: Prismacolor Pencils and Micron Pen 

    5th place