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    Achieving a College Education (ACE)


    What We Do

    The ACE Program has three primary goals for its students:

    1. Graduate from high school
    2. Continue with college after ACE completion
    3. Earn a degree or certificate

    High school sophomores are recruited to participate in ACE during their junior and senior years. Once accepted into the program, ACE students are concurrently enrolled in high school and college courses, attending college classes during the summer and on Saturdays during the school year.

    ACE students can earn up to 24 college credits by the time they graduate from high school and can transfer to a university to earn their bachelor’s degree.

    Who Qualifies

    The ACE program is looking for high school sophomores who have taken at least 6 high school credits at the time of application submission and who meet two or more of the following criteria:

    • First generation to attend college
    • Living in a single-parent home
    • Member of an underrepresented group
    • Experiencing economic hardship
    • Environmental factors, such as working 10 to 30 hours per week while attending high school, living in foster care or temporary housing, or is a teen parent




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