• QuickConfirm for Employment and Salary Verifications

    Phoenix Union High School District: PHO0003937 is using QuickConfirm.com. All verifications are completed at QuickConfirm.com.

    New Verifiers

    • Go to QuickConfirm.com - click on Verifiers, at the Verifier Portal, click on Create An Account and follow the instructions to set up a verifier account.
    • There are three methods of payment
      • Quick Pay (pay as you go) using a credit card (credit card numbers are never saved)
      • Prepay - purchase a number of verifications in advance. Your balance will be saved in a wallet, will never expire, and discounts are provided for larger purchases.
      • In both cases, you will receive your login credentials once you complete the registration
      • The third option is an Invoice Account. If you choose this payment option you will receive a contract to sign. This option has a $250.00 annual fee. Once the contract is signed and the fee paid, you will receive your login credentials. Invoices are payable 30 days from receipt

    Existing Verifiers

    • Login as usual and use the company code above.


    If you need assistance, email support@quickconfirm.com or call 888-505-6745

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