• iDays at PXU

    Student working on computerWe have identified certain school days as iDays. Our iDays initiative allows students to focus on individual needs and complete mastery-based or project-based assignments while at home. If your student, however, needs a safe space, please contact your school to have the option of attending a designated safe space (library, cafeteria, gym, or auditorium) on campus. While in the safe space, students are expected to bring their laptops and work independently to complete their individual class assignments. Students may also log in for support during scheduled office hours. Whether at home or in a safe space, all students are responsible for completing and submitting assignments on time to their individual teachers. 

    Why the initiative, you might ask? The Phoenix Union High School District Governing Board approved the use of alternative instructional time models to support our instructional delivery as well as to create time and space to support the social and emotional health of our students, teachers, staff, and families. These designated days provide us with an excellent opportunity to check and connect with our community’s well-being as well as continue to creatively deliver instruction to our students. Furthermore, iDays coupled with wrap-around services such as social, emotional, and academic supports ensure that the individual needs of our students and families are being met. 


iDays for 2023-2024 School Year

iDays FAQ

  • What are iDays?

  • What happens on iDays?

  • When are the iDays for the 2023-2024 School Year?

  • Are staff working on iDays?

  • Will students have access to campus on iDays?

  • Will students have access to breakfast and lunch?

  • Will transportation be available for my student?

  • Will students be allowed to participate in activities, clubs, and sports on iDays?

  • Will administrators, safety, and other staff be available on iDays?

  • Will student attendance be taken?

  • What are Students' expectations during an iDay?

  • What are Teachers' expectations during an iDay?

iDays Preguntas Frecuentes

  • ¿Qué son iDays?

  • ¿Qué sucede en iDays?

  • ¿Están los maestros trabajando en iDays?

  • ¿Tendrán los estudiantes acceso al plantel en iDays?

  • ¿Tendrán los estudiantes acceso a desayuno y almuerzo?

  • ¿Habrá transporte disponible para mi estudiante?

  • ¿Se permitirá a los estudiantes participar en actividades, clubes y deportes en iDays?

  • ¿Están disponibles los administradores, seguridad y el resto del personal en iDays?

  • ¿Se tomará la asistencia de los estudiantes?