• Disability Resources

    Job Developers

    Each campus has access to the support of a Job Developer to assist eligible students with transition goals and career choices including the following:  

      • Transition Assessments
      • Career Activites and Presentations
      • Disability and Employment Resources
      • Pre-employment Workshops (job applications, resumes, mock interviews,etc.)
      • Vocational Campus Tours
      • Self-Advocacy and Self-Determination Skills
      • Job Development and Placement
      • Job Coaching (as appropriate)
      • Coordination with outside community and state agencies

    College Disability Resource Centers

    Additional Resources

    Access to Records

    • Transcripts: click this link to access Xello for Electronic Transcripts
    • For a student still enrolled in High School: The ESS Office at your campus can provide Special Education records. Assistants to the Principal for Instruction, or Principal at the Specialty Schools can provide 504 records.
    • For Graduates: Contact PXU District office at 602-764-1007 for Special Education and 504 records.