• Student Support

    The Office of Student Support fosters safe, supportive, and inclusive learning environments. Through the implementation of the PXU Student Code of Conduct, the Office of Student Support establishes and reinforces clear expectations for student behavior and support. We work collaboratively with school leaders to ensure all behavior incidences are addressed restoratively. The Office of Student Support is committed to ensuring all student behavior incidences are addressed equitably and with consideration of students’ needs and rights.

    Jeanine Aguilar- Student Support Director - (602)-764-1341

    Veronica Rubio - Administrative Specialist to Student Support Director - (602-)764-1341

    Monica Zehring - Student Success Coach - (602)-764-1355


    • Strategic Plan Commitments 4 & 5 (Click here to view the PXU Strategic Plan)
    • Positive Behavior Intervention Supports (PBIS)
    • Restorative Practices (RP)
    • Social Behaviors
    • Student Code of Conduct
    • Title IX Investigator (Student to Student)
    • Threat Management Team Support (TMT)

Campus Support