• Multi-Tiered System of Support (MTSS)

    Our department supports students with social, emotional, behavioral, and mental health interventions and support. If your student is struggling with any significant life changes and it’s causing them emotional or mental distress, please contact the social worker at your student’s school to access support and services for them. We offer an extensive menu of intervention services and we have a team of caring support service experts at each campus and at the district office that can help your student or get you connected to one of our many service partners in the community.

    Matthew Georgia - Director of Multi-Tiered System of Support (MTSS) - (602)- 764-1018

    Amber Owen - Admin Specialist to Director - (602)-764-1018

    Cami Taylor - Lead Social Worker 

    Dr. Michael Hedden - Regional Intensive Intervention Specialist 


    • Strategic Plan Commitment 4 (Click to view the PXU Strategic Plan)
    • Academic Intervention Team
    • MTSS Framework
    • Referral for Intervention (RFI)
    • Skills for Success
    • Student Mental Health Support
    • Student Support Team (SST)
    • Threat Management Team Support (TMT)

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