• Family and Community Engagement

    Family and Community Engagement Is an essential component of a student’s development and learning. Studies, show that parent/family engagement contributes to positive student outcomes, including improved student attendance and achievement, decreased disciplinary issues, improved parent/family-teacher and student-teacher relationships, and may improve a student’s overall school experience.

    Cyndi Tercero - Family and Community Engagement Manager - (602)-764-1304

    Marely Hernandez - Developer of Services for Unique Populations- (602)-764-1316


    • Strategic Plan Commitments 4 & 8 (Click here to view the PXU Strategic Plan
    • Campus & Community Resources
    • Civic Engagement
    • Parent Engagement
    • Participatory Budgeting (PB)
    • Refugee support
    • Student & Family Handbook Coordination
    • Unique Populations (McKinney-Vento, Foster & Unaccompanied Youth)
    • Campus Support: Community Liaisons