• Academics

    ARCH students are welcomed with an array of supports to help guide them step-by-step through the post-secondary preparation process beginning their freshman year. Supports that students receive include one-on-one assistance with class selection and scheduling, the first choice of classes, first access to ACT prep classes, AP classes, access to outside programs partnered with Chavez, one-on-one help with financial aid, and ongoing opportunities to meet with college admission counselors. Most importantly, ARCH students are required to attend bi-weekly college prep seminars that cover everything you need to know about the college application process: how to write personal statements and a college resume, how to look for and apply for scholarships, how to find the university that best fits the student, and how to best prepare for interviews.



    Student Supports

    • One-On-One Assistance with Class Selection and Scheduling
    • First Choice of Classes and Schedule
    • First Access to ACT Prep Classes, AP Classes, and Outside Programs partnered with Chavez
    • One-On-One Help with Financial Aid
    • Ongoing Opportunities to Meet with College Admission Counselors
    • ARCH Teacher Cohort

    Out-of-Class Experiences

    • Museums
    • College Fairs
    • Performances

    Bi-Weekly College Prep Seminars

    • Application Process
    • Financial Aid
    • College Resume
    • Scholarships
    • Interviewing
    • Personal Statements


    • Student Officers
    • Community Service