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    Now accepting applications for the Class of 2027!

    The ARCH application incorporates components that highly selective colleges and universities use in their applications: three required components and one recommended component. Most applicants will need to preview the application, gather information, draft thoughtful responses, and return later to complete the application.

    Required Components:

    1. Basic Information - Provide basic information about the applicant. All enrolled ARCH students will be concurrently enrolled at Cesar Chavez High School (CCHS). Students who are not already enrolled at Cesar Chavez High School when applying to ARCH will need to provide a bit more information than students who are currently enrolled at CCHS because CCHS’s records will not yet have enrollment information.
    1. Short Answer Questions and Essay - Complete short answer and essay questions. Applicants should give thoughtful responses to each question. These questions help to form the ARCH Selection Committee’s first impressions of the applicant. Applicants will need to reference the ARCH Student Expectations in some responses.
    1. Teacher Recommendation - Indicate which teacher or teachers the applicant will ask for a recommendation. Only one teacher recommendation is required, but more than one recommendation may help the ARCH Selection Committee gain a fuller understanding of the applicant’s interests, abilities, and goals. It is the applicant’s responsibility to follow up with teachers they ask to recommend them.


    Recommended Component:

    • Interview - While not required for admission into ARCH, an interview can help the ARCH Selection Committee understand the applicant better, providing the committee insight that may not initially emerge from written components of the application. Interviews will include at least one adult from the ARCH Selection Committee. Historically, enrolled ARCH students have helped to conduct interviews of ARCH applicants.


    Selection of ARCH Students:

    Each ARCH class has capacity for about 30 students. The ARCH Selection Committee will review all completed applications. New ARCH students will be selected based upon three things:

    • Meeting minimum scores on the written application.
    • Availability of open seats in ARCH.
    • Highest scores among applicants, if open seats in ARCH cannot accommodate all applicants who meet minimum scores.


    Click here to apply: Digital Application for Enrollment

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