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    Application Requirements


    Choose two of the four essay prompts to respond to.

    1. Looking back on a long and fruitful life, you have been asked to write your autobiography. Please write page 268 (and only page 268) for us.
    2. Cesar Chavez has done an excellent job adding classes that embrace the curriculum identified by the state of Arizona in English, math, science, and history. If you had the opportunity to add a class to the curriculum at Cesar Chavez, what class would you add? Why? What would the curriculum entail?
    3. What is the biggest challenge you have faced? How did you overcome the challenge?
    4. What is the purpose of education? Where will your education take you?

    Teacher Recommendation Form

    1 Letter of recommendation using the following Teacher Recommendation Form. The form must be completed by one of your teachers within the past three years.

    Digital Teacher Recommendation Form

    Admission Process

    The ARCH Program selection committee will assess the online application on a 1-10 scale. Completed applications automatically receive a 10.

    The teacher recommendation form will be scored 0-10 using a rubric, and the essays will be scored together using a rubric on a 1-10 scale. The total points available with all application requirements is 30 

    All candidates that submit the online application, the letter of recommendation, and the two essays will be granted an interview regardless of score status. Interviews will be rated using a rubric on a 1-10 scale and this score will be included in the total score. The total points possible after interviewing is 40.

    The 30 highest-scoring candidates will earn admission into the ARCH Program. Should we have more qualified candidates than space available, a waitlist will be created with priority given to the next highest score in succession.