• Students

    Our students collaborate and innovate.  


    BE YOU & TRANSFORM: At the Academy, you are accepted as you are and we support your holistic growth in a non-judgemental environment.  Educators at the Academy support and Nurture the unfolding of your potential.  Dream big and invenst in your gift and talents towards your future.  Impact the world for better!


    TAKE THE CHALLENGE: The unique and challenging curriculumm is crafted just for gifted learners, like you.  The coursework is compacted, various pathways lead to exploration and personalized advising is available just for you.  We make learning engaging and meaningful.  Inter-disciplinary connections and experiential learning enhances your understanding of the concepts learned in various classes.


    YOUR KIND OF SPACE: The learning environment is designed with Twenty First century learners like you in mind.  You will enjoy the flixible choice of seating and group work space.  Seamless integration of technology is available through-out the space.  The wall space is there for your creative experssion.


    EMBRACE DIVERSITY: We celebrate diversity in the Academy.  This allows you to learn to understand different perspectives and grow as a well-informed global citizen.  Make friends for life and combine your unique gifts to create a progressive community.


    ONE COMMUNITY: We believe that "It takes a village to raise a child"  --African proverb and "World is one family" --Hindi proverb


    Questions?  Please email Dr. Singh  rsingh@phoenixunion.org