• The TLC program at Phoenix College teaches students the skills to be independent and self-sufficient on a college campus through hands-on independent living and work readiness experience. Students will receive direct instruction in the classroom, enroll in one PC college course per semester, while balancing non-paid work experiences on and off campus; mirroring a "traditional" college/certificate training experience.  

    • Students in the program are full-time 8am-2pm, and follows the PXU school calendar.  
    • Work experiences are typically 2 hours per day/ 4 days per week.  
    • Referred students should have a need for additional transition training to be successful in a college program or job certificate program.  
    • Independent transportation, to and from school is desired by the time they start TLC.  


    Students are supported in their academic classes through the Disability Resource Services at Phoenix College, special education teacher/case manager, and a job developer. 

    Qualifications at a Glance:  

    • Interest/ Desire for trade school or college 
    • Desire to have a job/career. (Students can still be in the program if they already have a job.)  
    • Attends school regularly and arrives on time 
    • Coachability (open to feedback) 
    • Able to work with minimal supervision (once a task has been learned)  
    • Independent toileting and hygiene skills.  
    • Appropriate workplace, classroom and community behaviors (safety awareness with strangers, ability to follow multiple step directions, easily redirected)  
    • Literacy and numeracy skills appropriate for a college setting (with accommodations and assistive technology, as needed).  
    • Independent traveler (Valley Metro, drive themselves, or taken to school by family.)