• COVID-19 Data

    As the Phoenix Union High School District (PXU) prepares for in-person instruction to begin in January 2021, we are sharing the data points being used to guide our decisions.  

    To learn more, please take a moment to view the videos from PXU Superintendent, Dr. Chad Gestson, as well as the accompanying slides. PXU remains committed to returning only when it is safe, reasonable, and responsible to do so. 

    This web page will be updated on a weekly basis using the published data from the Maricopa County Health Department. We take this data and disaggregate it to the communities we serve as well as the communities in which our staff and students reside. Viewing the data in this way provides a clear picture of the trends in community spread. We will continue to make informed decisions intended to protect the health and wellness of all staff, students, and families. 

    Thank you for your continued trust and support.