• 9th GRADEs, credit, GPA ...here is a quick guide to navigate the lingo of high school


    GRADgrades ES: Central uses the familiar A-F letter reporting system for grades. When a course concludes, the final course grade earned is recorded on your high school transcipt. Your transcript is used to track your progress toward meeting graduation requirements and will be used by college admissions committees to determine your eligibility.



    Did you know? 9th graders who finish the year with no more than 1 F in a core course (Math, English, Science) are 4X more likely to graduate on time?



     CREDIT: Every passing grade on your transcript counts as credit towards graduation. This is more important than a title like "9th grader" or "freshman" because the number of credits earned determines your ability to graduate from high school-not how many years you come to school. Your counselor will help you select the right types of classes to earn the credits you need to graduate in 4 years and qualify for college admission.


    GPA: Grade Point Average is a summary of all the grades reported on your transcript. As a 9th grader, aim to earn B's or better in your classes, this is a good goal to ensure that when you graduate you will be eligible for a wide variety of post-secondary options like college, trade school, even scholarships and internships!

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    What else can you do RIGHT NOW to be successful?

    Attend your classes on time every day, participate, give it your best, and remember to ask for help (message your teachers for tutoring availability, Suns tutoring, and/or Saturday School). You CAN do it, we are here for you!

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