Return to School FAQ

  • Why did PXU choose to close schools to in-person learning until after the October Fall Break?

    We will not open until it is safe, responsible, and reasonable to do so. The safety, wellness, and health of our entire community – staff, students, parents – is our top priority. With the rise in COVID-19 cases in Arizona, it is not safe to return any time soon.  In addition, our community has asked us to make timely decisions. Instead of week by week uncertainty, our plan is to move forward by quarter. Our plan is to announce our 2nd quarter plans in September. This allows families to plan for childcare and employment. This also allows teachers to prepare for teaching and learning. 

    When does the 1st quarter end? And when does the 2nd quarter begin?

    First quarter begins August 3rd and ends on October 2nd. The second quarter begins on October 12th.

    You previously announced 4 teaching and learning options for next year. What happened to those options?

    We were planning on 4 models (in-person, hybrid, virtual, evening) and had 9 task forces working on safety and effectiveness of the launch of schools (enrollment, extra-curriculars, logistics, social/emotional & family support, teaching & learning, employee support, transportation, staff & student placement, transitions). Those are now all on hold so that we can focus on distance/virtual learning. If and when we can safely return to in-person models, we will revisit these 4 options.

    How will you support all students with virtual learning?

    We are now a 1:1 district, which means laptops for all. We have purchased 5,000 hotspots and are working on getting more. Laptops and hotspots will be available for all enrolled students.

    What will happen to our teachers and staff?

    Even in a virtual setting, our staff will maintain their employment, though some roles and responsibilities may shift.

    Why have you decided to begin the year virtually?

    We understand the connection between the opening of schools and the opening of the economy. However, we will always value lives over economics.

    When will Phoenix Union open to in-person learning?

    PXU will open to in-person learning only when it is safe to do so.  Until that time, distance/virtual learning will continue.

    When can my child receive tutoring and support?

    All students will be able to access support from 2:25 – 3:00 pm daily.

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