• Return to School FAQs

    Why did PXU choose to close schools to in-person learning until March 30, 2021?

    We have remained committed to not returning until it is safe, responsible, and reasonable to do so. The safety, wellness, and health of our entire community – staff, students, parents – is our top priority. On February 22 we announced that we would offer an in-person learning opportunity beginning on March 30.  This decision was made following the successful distribution of vaccines to our staff and the rapid decline in the community spread of COVID-19.

    When did the 3rd quarter end, and when will in-person learning begin?

    The third quarter ended March 5, 2021. We are excited to welcome students back who chose in-person learning by grade level on March 22 and all grade levels on March 30.

    What is Safety Week?

    March 15 - 19 will serve as Safety Week for PXU.  All staff who have not yet returned will return on March 15.  We will use this week to familiarize our staff with our safety protocols and procedures in preparation for Welcome Back Week.

    What is Welcome Back Week?

    Following Safety Week (March 15 - 19), we announced that we would welcome our students back, based on grade level, beginning March 22.  This is only for students who selected the in-person learning model.  All students who chose to remain virtual will continue to receive the high-quality education they have become accustomed to.  Please see below for the welcome week schedule:

    • March 22 Seniors (Class of 2021) will attend school on campus

    *March 23-26 Seniors will return to virtual learning

    • March 23, Juniors (Class of 2022) will attend school on campus

    *March 22, 24-26 Juniors will return to virtual learning

    • March 24 Sophomores (Class of 2023) will attend school on campus

    *March 22, 23, 25, 26 Sophomores will return to virtual learning

    • March 25 and 26 Freshmen (Class of 2024) will attend school on campus 

    *March 22-24 Freshmen will remain in virtual learning 

    Do parents select in-person or virtual learning for 4th Quarter?

    Yes, on February 22 we asked parents to choose whether their student would return to in-person learning or remain virtual for the remainder of the 4th Quarter.  If you have questions about this process, please contact your school site.

    Can a student change their selection?

    If a family would like to transition back to virtual learning after choosing to come back in-person they are able to do so.   If a family chose to remain virtual but would like to return in person, please contact your school site directly for more information.

    If my student returns to in-person instruction, what is their daily schedule?

    Please click here for our 4th Quarter bell schedule.

    What are your safety protocols for students and staff?

    Please click here for the PXU Health and Safety Mitigation Plan.

    How will you continue to support students who remain in virtual learning?

    We are now a 1:1 district, which means laptops for all. We have purchased 5,000 hotspots and are working on getting more. Laptops and hotspots will be available for all enrolled students.

    When can my child receive tutoring and support?

    All students will be able to access support from 2:30–3:00 pm daily.

    How will students needing school breakfast and lunch be supported?

    Grab & Go meal service will continue. Breakfast and lunch pick-up is from 7am-10am. It is available at the following PXU campuses: Academies at South Mountain, Alhambra, Betty Fairfax, Camelback, Central, Cesar Chavez, Maryvale, Metro Tech, North, Trevor Browne, and Wilson.

    Meals are available for all children 18 and younger (21 and younger with special needs).

    When will athletics/activities resume?

    All athletic competitions will resume the week of March 15.

    Important links for families:

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