Work Expectations

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  • Work Expectations

    Daily Health Checks

    Daily health checks will be expected for each PXU employee. This will consist of a brief self-monitoring survey.  For employees who have computer access, this brief survey will launch automatically when employees log in for the first time each day.  Employees whose jobs do not easily provide for computer access will be asked to complete the daily health check with their supervisor for the start of the workday. 

    Any employee who needs to respond with a “Yes” to any of the survey questions is asked to follow up with his/her supervisor, as it may mean having to return home rather than stay at work for the day.  The information collected electronically will be reported to the Talent Division for review.  Site supervisors/administrators who collect information verbally are asked to work with Mr. Manuel Silvas and Dr. Suzanne Zentner.  Mr. Silvas may be reached at 602-764-1515, and Dr. Zentner may be reached at 602-764-1521.

    In addition to the survey, temperature checks may be conducted using touchless thermometers.  Employees will be asked if they have had a fever of 100.4 or higher and if self-disclosed or determined to have a fever of 100.4 or higher when checked, employees will be asked to return home for the day.

    Use of Face Masks

    Employees are asked to adhere to the expectation of using face masks when in common areas or in circumstances where physical conditions do not allow for 6ft of space between individuals.  Washable, reusable masks will be provided for PXU employees who are working on site.  Employees may choose to bring their own face mask. 

    Again, we welcome you back and appreciate your patience as we work to navigate the “new normal” that the COVID-19 pandemic has caused.  Questions about this communication should be directed to the PXU Talent inbox at, which is monitored daily.

    Thank you.

    Juvenal Lopez

    Executive Director of Talent

    Phoenix Union High School District