• Staff Financial Wellness Resources/Events:

    Retirement information

    Financial literacy demo

    financial wellness survey 

    IRS regulations require the district to annually notify all eligible employees of the retirement benefits associated with 403(b) plan and 457(b) deferred compensation plan.  All full time employees received a 2022 Annual Retirement Benefits Guide which provides a brief explanation of the provisions, policies, and rules that govern the 403(b) and 457(b) plans offered by the district.  Any questions regarding these plans should be directed to TSA Consulting Group, our plan administrators – their contact information is listed below.  You may also contact the payroll department, and we will be happy to address any questions or concerns.

    TSA Consulting Group - P.O. Box 4037, Fort Walton Beach, FL 32549

    Toll-free: 1-888-796-3786

    Toll-free fax: 1-866-741-0645

    Financial Resources

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  • Social and Emotional opportunities

    Participate in Coffee Fridays before school in the library.

    Participate in the Mental Health Monday/Wellness Wednesday events organized by the Zen Den Club. For more info, see Chris Rooney or Jen Guerrette.

    District events:

    Emotional Wellness Week Activities

    This May you'll be encouraged to explore the Wise@Work App, which has hundreds of work-focused mindfulness practices designed to build focus, enhance productivity, improve emotional resilience, and deepen connection and teamwork. You will notice that both the content and the format of the app are tailored to meet the needs of people at work. To finish the Challenge successfully, complete at least 20 practices during the month!

    Regular mindfulness practice has proven to lower stress, reduce burnout, increase creativity and build resilience—in addition to improving your personal health and wellbeing. The Mental Fitness Challenge represents an opportunity to have a bit of fun as a team while becoming stronger and more connected! How do I take part in the Challenge?

    • Download the Wise@Work App on your smartphone or tablet and create an account using your work email
    • Complete the onboarding survey to customize your app experience
    • Opt-in to the challenge when prompted on the app
    • Practice mindfulness for a few minutes per day
    • The challenge begins May 1st, but you can sign up right now and start using Wise@Work today!
    • For your Emotional Wellness, PXU has two Staff Health and Wellness Specialists – Dr. Erika Collins-Frazier and Cailene Pisciotta
      • They are Licensed Professional Counselors here to support and provide counseling services to the teachers and staff.

    Here are some examples to improve your Social Wellness:

    • Hygiene - During the past two years we have become experts in handwashing and other physical hygiene practices. But don’t forget about your emotional hygiene:
      • Mindfulness (View attachment)   
    • Volunteer – Giving one’s time to others in need is the best approach to building new relationships
      • Every week, PXU offers volunteer opportunities to help at COVID-19 Clinics. Watch for emails from Melody Bach to sign-up. Volunteers are always needed
      • Donate Blood. see Jennifer Sundling for details on district blood drives, see Jen Guerrette or Nick Kazanas for details about CEHS blood drive
    • Participate in social events or gatherings – Where you live, work or go to school can have a positive effect on your health habits
      • Use proven strategies to help lower the risk of heart disease, stroke, and premature death.  
    • Make connections – Social connections might help protect and lengthen life
      • The Roseto community has taught us we fare best when we are not alone or isolated
      • Take up a new hobby or find other ways to get involved in things you care about
      • see the district wellness webpage for more opportunities

    More Mindfulness Opportunities:

    10 Mindfulness Opportunities

  • Fitness Opportunities:

    Participate in the Fitness Friday events on campus every Friday during both lunches. Staff and students welcome! For more details, see Bobcat Briefings or contact Jen Guerrette

    Participate in Yoga each week after school - see Nancy Fox for details

    Free Home Workouts

    Free Virtual 5k and 10k

    Start with the virtual 5k and check back weekly for new challenges

    Try this - ZUU workout

    Physical Healthcare Opportunities:

    MOM opportunities - mobile mammography screenings for you or a friend, co-worker, family member or neighbor that would like to participate. New events are on May 14 (Saturday) at Wilson Elementary School and May 22 (Sunday) at Human Services Campus on 12th Ave. You do not need to have insurance to participate for either event.  Email Guerrette@phoenixunion.org for details

    Biometrics Screening @ CEHS on 4/12 - email Guerrette@phoenixunion.org for details

    Vaccine Events - Email Bach@phoenixunion.org for more details: Access to Covid vaccines for our staff, students, families, and community (anyone 5 and older). PXU will be offering monthly Vax to the Max clinics at Metro Tech High School.  Our next monthly event will be Saturday, May 7, 2022.  The event will be from 9:00am – 5:00pm and held in the student union and gymnasium.

    As always, we will need your help as volunteers. We will be offer the following vaccines:

      • Pfizer ( 5 years and older)
      • Johnson & Johnson (18 and older)
      • Moderna (18 and older)

    Along with boosters for Pfizer, Moderna and Johnson & Johnson to those eligible.

    Flu Shots will also be available at no cost to those with insurance (or they may pay a $40 fee)