• S.H.A.C.

    School Health Advisory Council 

    Our mission aligns with the School Vision:

    Central High School creates a welcoming and nurturing climate to ensure academic and personal growth on a culturally rich campus, to be a foundation for students’ post-secondary goals.

    SHAC Mission and Goal:

    Our mission is to support the Whole School, Whole Child, Whole Community, using the (WSCC) Model developed by the United States Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and promote wellness and healthy habits for our staff, students, parents and community.   

    Our goal is to work with the Central Student Wellness Advocacy Team (SWAT), to promote a healthy social & emotional climate, opportunities and resources for physical and nutritional wellness, and equity while creating healthy and successful classrooms, school, community and leadership.

    SHAC Leaders

    ADMIN: Lambert, Jacob M.Ed (APR)

    SHAC/SWAT Coordinator: Guerrette, Jennifer, ATC, LAT, M.Ed, MsT, CPT (Sports Medicine DE, HOSA)

    • Cloyd, Aaron Melissa, M.Ed (Reading)
    • Deal, Mark, M.Ed (ESS, Parent University)
    • Despain, Dorthy, (Algebra, Geometry, Math Instructional Lead)
    • Drake, Trisha, M.Ed (Graphic Design)
    • Faulkner, Kalley, M.Ed (English)
    • Fox, Nancy, M.Ed (Reading)
    • Garling, Dawn, M.Ed (Math)
    • Gerace, John, M.Ed (Magnet Coordinator, Global Studies, Tennis Coach)
    • Godinez, Noel, M.Ed (Counseling)
    • Hurt, Ronnie 1sg, MA, M.P.A. (JROTC)
    • Kazanas, Nicholas, M.Ed (StuGo, Yearbook, Newspaper, English)
    • Lebron, Manuel, B.Ed (StuGo, HOSA, ELA)
    • Lewandowski, Nicole, Ph.D (Freshman House Coordinator, Link Crew, Cullinary)
    • Nearhoof, Sharon, M.Div. (Science)
    • Purdy, Arlene, (Health, PE)
    • Romain, Eric SFC (R) JROTC BA Army Instructor Rifle Team Coach/ Asst Archery Coach (health and citizenship, life skills)
    • Rooney, Chris, M.A. in Teaching Business & the Social Sciences (CTE Marketing, Economics, Student Store, DECA Advisor)
    • Sing, Jeff, M.Ed (Social Studies, Adventure Club)
    • Williamson, Todd, M.Ed (CBT, Special Olympics Coach)