• Ideas for research projects beyond powerpoint.  Use the video databases to add clips as needed.  All projects should be of sufficient depth to show what you learned.  Use citations always.

    Always go to the site and preview what the program will do.  You are creating work to be judged for a grade, not just a show with every bell and whistle.  The medium must fit your topic, be clear and demonstrate your knowledge of the subject, not the software. For example: The program might have 4000+ colors, but what represents your topic?

     Some of these digital sources have signups.  Some are open.  Use freeware.  Beware of signup with facebook, google email or other platforms as you are opening up what you have in these personal accounts.

    If you find sources that work well or any of these that don't, please email Mrs. Kilker to alter this list.



    Powerpoint alternatives

    Prezi. This is one of the more popular Powerpoint alternatives, this is a dynamic presentation software that's beautiful to look at and fairly easy to customize!

    14 day free trial.  Prezi.com


    Slidedog  slidedog.com   loads video, etc. immediately,  but our bandwidth may limit the load


    Animoto.   Makes a movie from slides and other, music library  too  www.animoto.com


    WeVideo  Makes a movie and you can use your own music  wevideo.com


    Canva  free for the basic edition   canva.com


    Powtoon  adds music background to a ppt. and motion/animation to the screens.  Powtoon.com


    Haiku Deck  hundreds of built in images   haikudeck.com


    Projeqt     layered stacks dmklee.com



    Glogster—layered posters  http://edu.glogster.com/

    Infographics - Easel.ly - http://www.easel.ly/

    Wordle -  http://www.wordle.net/  You will need to write an analysis.



    World Book Timelines (database)

    Pixton https://edu.pixton.com/solo  (create a comic strip/graphic novel)  needs facebook (caution)

    Storyboard Creator  https://www.storyboardthat.com/storyboard-creator

     Avatar and voice:      https://www.voki.com/ 


    School web blog-- teacher can set it up
    and others but what you choose must allow enough text to demonstrate your learning


    Video interview--find a partner to ask the questions you have made; then you answer