Carl Hayden 

    PE and Health Department

    Welcome to the Carl Hayden PE and Health Department.  Here at Hayden our objective is to promote health and wellness as a way of life and a tool for success.  We cover mental, emotional, and physical health.  Our students are given the resources to make informed decisions regarding their own personal health. 

    The P.E department consists of highly qualified teachers that believe our students should strive for excellence in all aspects of life and take pride in personal performance.

     Course offerings: Health, Weight Training, Physical Education, P.E.O.P.E.L, and
     Advanced Weight Training.


    Instructional Leader:
       Erika Resch
    Room & Phone #: 901G: 43142
    1314: 43396
                Teacher                       Classroom Phone #                     Email
               TBD                              409: 43128/901G: 43142               
               Alberto Castro              407: 43350                                     castro@phoenixunion.org
               Randy Gross                 901B: 43241                                  rgross@phoenixunion.org
               Jim Shields                    901B: 43241/401: 43140               jshields@phoenixunion.org
               Francisco Villa               901B: 43370/810: 43094               fvilla@phoenixunion.org