Exceptional Student Service Department

    Instructional Leader: Colleen Walsh

    Sr. Office Assistant: Patricia Tietje  (602) 764-1008



    The Special Education Department at Cesar Chavez High School is committed to providing support for students with special needs. Our goal is to provide students with educational opportunities that preparing them for success in college, career, and life.  Students benefit from direct instruction, collaborative teaching, an rigorous curriculum combined with instructional modifications and accommodations.

    Cesar Chavez offers co-taught inclusion classes consisting of one content area teacher and one special education teacher.  Together, these teachers deliver rigorous instruction while providing students with the necessary skills and accommodations they need to be successful in the general education curriculum.

    Our Practical program is designed to help students both educationally and vocationally.  The first two years are designed around student academics so they can meet their requirements for graduation.  During their Junior and Senior years, we enroll the students within Metro Tech for students to develop their vocational skills. We strive to have the students prepared for employment after graduation.

     The Community Based Training program serves a wide ranging population of students with intellectual disabilities.   We use each student’s IEP in conjunction with our curriculum to map their high school career.  Our program puts an emphasis on functional academics, daily living skills, transition/life skills, and community experiences. 



    Mary Barnes  

    Ruth Chapin

    John Goggin


    Julio Gutierrez

    Gina Lovelle


    Kimberly McLaughlin

    Daniel Rubio


     Christopher Walker