• Honors Capstone Project - Research Project

    Posted by Rena Jackson on 7/19/2019

    Economics Honors Capstone Project:

    Honors Economics Capstone Project

    • Between 600 -1200 words
    • Minimum of 5 cited sources 

    List or Research Topics:

    1. Challenges faced when starting a new business in current conditions
    2. Effects of immigration on the economy
    3. Effects of weather on specific products
    4. The impact of Social Security on the US ecoomy
    5. Changes in demand for a specific product over the last 10 years
    6. Economics of the price of a specific product
    7. Price comparison of organically grown versus mass produced product
    8. Effects of minimum wage on prices
    9. Effects of recession on specific industries
    10. Comparison of unemployment in America versus other nations
    11. Effects of interest rates on consumer spending
    12. America's role in the global economy
    13. Economic effects of trade
    14. Economic development
    15. Economic sustainability
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