Bioscience High School Math Department

  • Welcome to the BHS Math Department page.


    Our Why (Math Department)

    To provide experiences rich in pattern building and problem solving, so that all students can develop and apply their math toolbox in their chosen paths.


    Our Vision

    Students enjoy math, feel like it is useful, and can apply it to other areas.  They are challenged individually, at their own level, pace or interest. They are taking ownership, and want to tackle into topics deeper. They are confident and are willing to push to develop confidence as new challenges emerge.  Students are given equal opportunity when provided learning opportunities without bias from gender or ethnicity demographic differences.


    Our Big Five Vertical Themes

    1.       Modeling Process
    2.       Function Families
    3.       Algebraic Manipulations
    4.       Proportional Reasoning
    5.       Mathematical Literacy


    Math Department Enrichment Interventions - This is how we differentiate enrichment to meet student needs.