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    PPT No Pass / No Play

    A teacher shall issue every three weeks a Progress Report to each student who is subject to the No Pass/No Play regulation. The Office of the APO shall issue a "Notice of Ineligibility" to each student who has a progress report or term grade of below 60%, or has not met all the requirements for Eligibility. Guidelines for the No Pass/ No Play process and the issuance of the Notice of Ineligibility follow.

    1. The regular grading interval for determining eligibility shall be every three weeks (3), using the normal district three (3) week progress and term grade reporting system.

    2. All Coaches and sponsors of students covered under the No Pass/No Play regulation, or participating in other associated competitions representing the PUHSD or one of its schools, shall report all of those students to the APO’s Office and the teachers of a campus via a ZZ email of their student rosters at the beginning of each season. This list shall be updated and maintained as the season progress.

    3. Following the three (3) week eligibility grading period, the office of the APO shall generate a Student Information System Group grade report for all students subject to the No Pass/No Play regulation by Tuesday of that week. Students with a percentage grade if less than 60% in any course will be ineligible for a minimum of the week following the determination of ineligibility and for each remaining week until the requirements of eligibility are met. When the three (3) week grading period ends on Terms 1or 3 grading day, the one week ineligibility period will be the Fall or Spring Break period, if the grading period ends on the Semester grading day, the period of ineligibility shall be for the full Winter Break with the student automatically returned to eligibility on the first day of the new semester. For the purposes of Eligibility a week shall be Monday through Saturday of each week.

    4. Any teacher choosing to enter comments only on any three (3) week progress report must officially notify the APO’s office in writing of a student’s ineligibility by the normal time that progress reports are due on that day. If there is no affirmative action on the part of the teacher to show ineligibility, the student shall be deemed eligible for that grading period.

    5. The Office of the APO shall generate a Notice of Ineligibility for all students not meeting all requirements of eligibility. This notice will be sent to the parent and the Coach by the Monday following each grading period week.

    6. Once an ineligible student makes up the deficiency, following the minimum ineligibility period of one (1) week, the student will be eligible for the remainder of the three (3) week grading period. A conference may be held with the teacher, student and coach to discuss the deficiency and how the student can retain eligibility. At the discretion of the teacher of the class being failed, or the Coach, the student may be required to participate in a tutoring or study program until a stable passing grade is established.

    7. The deficiency shall be determined as made up by verification that the grade in the course (s) has reached the 60 % level or higher.

    8. Students subject to the No Pass/No Play regulation in grades 9 through 11 must be enrolled in six (6) courses and those in grade 12 be enrolled in five (5) courses to maintain eligibility.

    9. On the day of any event, the student must be in attendance for two-thirds (2/3) of that school day.

    10. No student can be eligible while subject to suspension.

    11. Each teacher shall be given a copy of the PUHSD Governing Board policy regarding No Pass/No Play as well as these guidelines.