• The 2019 FBLA Arizona Region 2 Conference was held on February 2 at Arizona State University - West Campus. Results from the competition are listed below. Additional details about the regional conference can be found on the FBLA Arizona Region 2 site.

    2019 Metro Tech Regional Winners

    2019 Regional Winners

    Thirteen teams from Metro Tech High School placed in the Top 3:

    • Sarahi Vargas, Jorge Montano, Pedro Lara Jr – 1st, Banking and Financial Systems
    • Ernesto De Jesus, Julian Hernandez, Luis Mejia –2nd, Banking and Financial Systems
    • Lesvia Camas – 1st, Computer Game & Simulation Programing
    • Marcelo Soto, Alin Bocardo, Luis Cano – 1st, Emerging Business Issues
    • Jocelyn Garcia, Amanda Huerta, Sarahi Vargas – 3rd, Emerging Business Issues
    • Leonardo Mateo Polanco, Paulina Dominguez-Perez, Gabriel Valenzuela – 1st, Graphic Design
    • Naileth Acosta, Giselle Ramos – 2nd, Introduction to Business Presentation
    • Carmen Elenes, Patricia Gutierrez – 2nd, Management Decision Making
    • Claudia Contreras, Stephanie Severiano – 1st, Marketing
    • Luis Cano, Marcelo Soto – 2nd, Marketing
    • Luis Aguilar, Andrade Guillermo Jr., Geovanne Velasco-Coss – 1st, Network Design
    • Alexander Higuera, Luis Orduno, Carlos Romero – 2nd, Network Design

    In addition, the following individual Metro Tech students placed in the Top 3:

    • Jocelyn Garcia – 2nd, Business Law
    • Claudia Contreras – 3rd, Business Law
    • Chapter Sign – 3rd
    • Giselle Ramos – 1st, Introduction to Business
    • Guillermo Andrade Jr. – 1st, Networking Concepts
    • Gabriel Valenzuela – 2nd, Networking Concepts
    • Jorge Montano – 1st, Personal Finance
    • Luis Pintor – 3rd, Personal Finance
    • Marcelo Soto – 3rd, Political Science
    • Juan Cano – 1stSales Presentation
    • Sam Villagomez – 2nd, Sales Presentation