• Posters

    Students may make posters for extra credit. These posters will be hung around the room and will be available during most exams. Posters can have any material that the student thinks will be helpful, but example problems are not allowed. Students may make one poster for extra credit per unit. Students may make additional posters, but they will not be worth extra credit.

    Table of Contents/Glossary

    Students may make a table of contents or glossary of their notebook for extra credit (examples coming soon).

    Challenge Questions

    Students will receive extra credit for each Challenge Question they complete and explain on paper. Have the solution on one sheet, then write a paragraph explaining the solution.

    Problem 1

    Problem 2

    Problem 3

    Problem 4

    Problem 5

    Problem 6

    Problem 7

    Problem 8

    Problem 9

    Problem 10

    Problem 11

    Problem 12