The Central Sports Medicine program is currently a 2 year program with the option of an independent study class and internship during zero hour. 

    In year one, students will have an opportunity to earn the OSHA-10 Healthcare Industry Certification, as well as learn the fundamentals of medical terminology and documentation, anatomy and physiology of the human body, and injury prevention and emergency care.  Students will have the opportunity to earn a Professional Rescuer CPR card and have the opportunity to get college credit for this class, as it is set up as 2 dual enrollment courses (HES154 and HES271) through Phoenix College.  This class introduces students to many career opportunities in sports medicine, with an emphasis on athletic training and physical therapy.

    In Year two, students will have the opportunity to develop skills necessary for a career in health and fitness and sit for the ASFA CPT exam.  They will have an opportunity to take the Physical Therapy Technician Certification exam as a professional industry certificate. This is also set up as a dual enrollment course through Phoenix College (HES100 and EXS101).

    The Sports Medicine Independent Study classes provide an additional opportunity for students to practice working with clients in strength and conditioning.  This is the SCAR (Strength, Conditioning, And Recovery) Lab, and it helps prepare students to become Personal Trainers. It can be taken concurrently with year two, or can serve as a third year to the program. The Sports Med Senior Internship is another 3rd year option for seniors that have completed Sports Medicine 1-2, and 3-4. The internship consists of working one on one with a strength and conditioning client, as well as leading a group PT program for JROTC students. The interns are responsible for maintaining all clinic equipment and keeping accurate records for clients.

    The Central Sports Medicine Program is a Career and Techical Education Program and affiliates with HOSA as its CTSO.  The Sports Medicine students are also involved in our campus SWAT (Student Wellness Advocacy Team) to promote the health and wellness of their peers and community.  If you want to learn more about SWAT, please see Healthy Schools.  You can also find it in the Services tab or site shortcuts on the Central Home Page.