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    Did you know Metro Tech has a MakerSpace in the library? What is a MakerSpace? A MakerSpace is a collaborative space with resources and tools to support the exploration and creation of STEAM concepts and projects.

    Students and teachers can check out collaborative kits like Cubelets and Ozbots to learn robotics, electronics, circuitry, and coding and programming or build a roller coaster, bridge, plane or race car with our Connector kits. If that doesn’t sound interesting, you can try out our VR goggles.

    The MakerSpace is part of the library so the hours and procedures are the same— teachers can check out materials anytime for classroom use and it’s open for student use during lunch, after school and during Advisory with a MakerSpace or library sticker

    See the attached list of resources and feel free to ask Ms. Nix or Mr. Ty about our MakerSpace.

    You can also search the library catalog - try keywords “makerspace” or “kits.”  

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