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    Posted by Rena Jackson on 12/19/2019


    Directions: Find an article online from a newspaper source, Time.com, USA Today, The New York Times, etc., or any other reputable national or local source. Read the article and answer the questions below. Please find and read about important issues connected to economics. Because this is a current events assignment you are to choose an article that is no more than a year old


    Student Name:

    Class Period:

    Title of Article:

    Date of Article:


    CONNECT how can it be connected to what we have learned or are learning in class? (Choose an article that you can connect to class.)

    WHO is this article about?

    WHAT is this story about?  List four important facts from your article.

    WHERE is this event or issue occurring?   (Specify city, country, region, etc.)

    WHY is this story important?

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