• Greater Phoenix Honor Choir

    October 20th & 21st at Camelback High School

    Schedule- Friday

    Meet at MHS at 7:30am

    Depart 8:00am

    At Festival from 8:45-4:30pm

    Return to MHS by 5:00pm

    Schedule- Saturday

    7:30am- Meet at MHS

    7:40am- Depart for Camelback

    8:30-3:00- Festival at Camelback

    3:00-4:30pm- Concert

    4:45pm- Return to MHS

    ***If you are accepted into the choir, you must participate on both days. There is a $10 audition fee which the choir will pay unless you drop out after being accepted or are sent home for not being prepared.

    This is an amazing opportunity to sing with other advanced students from around the district and you should sincerely consider auditioning.

    Audition Process and Dates

    Auditions are scheduled one on one with Ms. Taylor between August 28th-31st

    Results are posted September 16th.

    The audition is made up of three parts:

    1. Major Scale Ascending & Descending

    2. 4 Tonal Memory Exercises

    3. Prepared piece of music. You must learn your voice part for mm. 26-62 of "Hold Fast To Dreams". You will sing your part against the other voice parts. 

    Practice Audition Tracks- This is a practice track of what the real audition will be like





    Hold Fast To Dreams - These are the tracks that will help you learn your part for mm. 26-62 of the prepared piece

    Sheet Music can be found in TEAMS under Advanced Choir 23-24 Chat

    Balanced Voices