• Main Source: Phoenix Union Marks & Grading Manual


    Assessment is a means for measuring students’ progress and assisting in the development

    of their maximum educational potential. Marks and grades provide data necessary for

    courses and institutions. Additionally, grades provide data allowing the district to evaluate

    the effectiveness of its programs.


    PROGRESS                                                           The A, B, C, D, F, Audit, Proficient/Not Proficient, or

    MARKS OR                                                            Incomplete, a student receives at the end of each term or

    GRADES                                                                semester on a progress report. PLC teams can determine

                                                                                   to use a percentage-based grading scale (0–100%) or a

                                                                                   rubric-based grading scale.

     District Grading Scale



    *100% to 90%


    Systematically surpasses and exceeds proficiency of most standards. Demonstrates thorough and in-depth proficiency on a consistent basis.


    Above Average

    *89% to 80%

    Reliably demonstrates a clear proficiency of many standards. Effectively produces evidence to support proficiency.



    *79% to 70%

    Demonstrates proficiency of standards and skills. Produces acceptable evidence to support proficiency


    Below Average

    *69% to 60%

    Limited proficiency in most standards or skills. Inconsistent evidence to assess a student’s proficiency.



    Inadequate proficiency of most standards or skills. Insufficient evidence to assess a student’s proficiency.


    Audit (AU): A student may audit any course with the prior approval of the Principal or designee to enrich learning. An audit will not affect the GPA. Enrollment for credit cannot be converted to an audit enrollment. Enrollment for an audit can be converted to credit by the teacher of record.

    Incomplete(INC): An incomplete is not a grade; it is a mark indicating the student has not yet completed the requirements of the course and a grade is pending (see 8.3.1 and 8.3.2)

    No Mark (NM): Not enough evidence of student academic achievement to determine academic performance.

    Proficient/Not Proficient: Any course can be designated as a P/NP course through the Statement of Intent process. AP/NP mark will not affect the GPA 

    PROGRESS REPORT   Reflects assessment of behaviors that promote learning and/or optional mark or grade at a point in time. 

                                            A progress report will be distributed every three weeks during each semester.

     4.5 The progress report will include required teacher comments and an optional progress report mark.

     4.5.1 Report Comments: The progress reports and report cards may include the following comments:


    • Excellent Progress
    • Shows Definite Progress
    • Shows Strong Aptitude for Subject Matter
    • Shows Leadership/Is a Role Model to Others
    • Always Prepared for Class
    • Is Respectful and Polite
    • Is Making Satisfactory Progress
    • Nice Having Your Student in Class
    • Would Benefit from Attending Tutoring
    • Please Contact the Teacher/Counselor
    • Absences/Tardies Affect Grade
    • Not Performing Well on Tests
    • Behavior Interferes with Learning
    • Little/No Class Participation
    • Does Not Come Prepared for Class
    • Assignments or Projects Incomplete/Not Submitted
    • Is Not Making Satisfactory Progress
    • Could Make Better Use of Time
    • Did Not Participate in a Required Performance
    • In Danger of Failing
    • Not Meeting Deadlines
    • Currently Failing


    SEMESTER         Grading period for which final grade and credits towards graduation given

    SEMESTER GRADE                          Same as the final grade

    SUMMATIVE ASSESSMENTS    Assessing learning for determining student mastery of standards

    TERM                                           Grading period that is a component part of a final grade